Welcome! We welcome you to a community built for and by those who love house music and its culture. We appreciate you to our new and existing members and are thrilled you’re here. In times like this, we all could use a community of like-minded people

Member Guidelines

Post Rules We’re all here to accomplish the same goals, and therefore, we need your help to keep this community strong and valuable. We created these guidelines for our members to ensure that together we’re creating a welcoming, inclusive, and beneficial place for everyone. With

The 2nd Phase Begins!

We are entering the 2nd phase of our journey by publishing our independent App on the App stores. We appreciate all of you who saw interest in House Music Community while on the shared Mighty Network App private platform. The Mighty Network platform limited our

We Are House Music Culture!

BECAUSE HOUSE MUSIC IS A LIFESTYLE! House Music Community (HMC)! The 1st App-based house music community. We are thrilled you’re here. Here’s a quick introduction to all the great things you’ll get as a member of the house music community. You may find some things a

Why House Music Community is Here For You…

We created House Music Community because “House Music is a Lifestyle!” as such, we bring together the people who love and live the house music culture. Because house music is an essential part of our lives each day, we will focus on its substance and value. Congratulations on being part of the 1st App-based house music community! Ours

Do You Love House Music?

Do you love house music? Join our new feature-rich community platform in any of our 23 house music genre-based communities.

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The recommended sizes for setting up your profiles and community options are Listed below. For avatars, the recommended size is 150 X 150 pixels. Cover photos should be larger than 1350px in width and 350px in height. Photos uploaded to the activity feed can be