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On and offline courses for and by members of the house music community

Our classes, tutorials, live streams, workshops and q&a’s are given by members of the house music community.   Our instructors share their passion, skills, talents, and knowledge with others worldwide that love and live the house music culture.  Our courses are given in various formats: video, tutorials, online e-courses, live-streams, webinars, q&a’s, chat and more.


As one of the elements that make up the house music culture, Art is taught by talented artists, some whom even capture the house music scene live in and out of the club.


Everything about music and, the elements that make up all of the genres of house music is taught by house music DJs, Grammy winners, and others in the industry.


Highly educated indivuals passing on their skills and knowledge to the house music community.


Learn to build the lifestyle you want with online classes to develop your communication skills, time management, creativity and more.


House Dance: Freestyle, Lofting, Hustle, New Style Hustle, Jacking and Whacking taught by the phenomenal dancers who we admire and those that teach the house dance culture across the globe.

Wellness and Health

Training for your mind, body, and soul. Courses that over time will totally transform your heart, mind and body and connect you to your soul and Spirit.


Courses that members in the house music community would love to teach to those willing to learn.

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