House Is A Feeling!

House Is A Feeling!

House Is A Feeling…

The rain came down today and took away my party for another day.
I so was looking forward to the event Sting and Don spinning on the wheels of steel.
Hey, we don’t mind a little rain on our dance parade. It cools us down and gives the DJ cause to play “Here Comes The Sun.”

I would be blocks away and hear house music on my way there. As I got closer, I realized it was Sting’s Huge Azz sound system all along. It would already be crowded as I make my way thru, noticing the “regulars.” You know our “House Heads Fam,” the short guy flipping and finishing it off with an Egyptian head and hand motion. Then he would break into a slow matrix move—dancers in the circle vying for the crowd’s applause and attention. I will mention one by name, Concept, because I miss his style and karma. You know, the couples, like that DJ guy from Jersey and his girl who just came out with a new song, are killing it. And the crews like that all-female troupe, the mixed Afro-centric crew, and that guy and his “New Style Hustle crew.” The people I know will dance alone the whole time, the seekers just looking for someone to dance with, and all the regulars.

Time to start with the meet and greet kisses, kisses, kisses. Oh hell…. here comes the person that wants to talk and keep talking while “All I wanna do is dance.” I start dancing in place, and sure enough, they keep talking.

I usually find my place by a speaker….” I want to feel the music.” It’s time to get my game on. Time for the DJs to “Take me there”…. the zone, blackout. You’ll know I’ll express myself vocally. I already know who I want to dance with, maybe I’ll get the chance to or not, with the right songs playing, I’m just as happy dancing alone.

House is a feeling…..I want to say better than sex, but oh well. It brings me joy, makes me smile, and feels good inside. At times it can take me back and make me cry. House tells a story and creates new ones. It’s uplifting when I’m down, my own little church. It’s beautiful if I’m out amongst the masses or home alone.

House is a feeling… wasn’t meant for everyone to understand.

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