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What do I need to Get Started? 1. A subscription account, to get yours go here: Pricing (link to 2. A computer, cell phone (Android or IOS) capable of live streaming – see instructions listed below 3. A steady internet connection 4. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) it is FREE – see instructions listed below 5. RTMP server URL – it will be listed on your account page 6. Stream Key – it will be sent to you prior to each scheduled live broadcast

How to set up RTMP in OBS

OBS is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. You must make sure to download OBS Studio.

How to Integrate with RTMP

1. Copy your Server URL and Stream Key, which is listed on account page. 2. In OBS click on the Settings tab.

Make sure you have a broadcast scheduled in the BoxCast Dashboard and hit Start Streaming.

How to set up RTMP in the

Larix Streaming App (Android Device)

Larix is an app that you can download in the google play store (Download Here) This will give you the ability to stream from an Android phone to BoxCast. Follow the steps below to learn how

1. Download the Larix App on your device.

2. Open the app and click on the gear icon to the right of the screen.


3. Click on Connections.

4. Click on New Connection.

5. Name the connection “BoxCast” and stick your RTMP URL from the sources tab of the BoxCast dashboard in URL and click SAVE.

6. Make sure you have a broadcast scheduled in the BoxCast Dashboard and click the big red stream button to begin streaming.

7. We recommend hitting stream on Larix 5-10 minutes before your scheduled broadcast start time so it goes live on the time you scheduled. Example: If you scheduled a broadcast to start at 10 AM. Hit the red stream button at 9:55 to ensure it goes live at 10 AM.

How to set up RTMP in the

BroadcstMe App (iOS Device)

For the IOS and IPad we can’t use the “Boxcaster” info. Please use this info for connecting to IOS and IPad:

BroadcastMe App

The BroadcastMe app is a free app for iOS from streaming technology company Streamaxia. It enables live streaming to any RTMP. Get it go HERE Connecting your BroadcstMe app to RTMP The connection only requires you to fill in two fields. 1. One field is the URL of the server (located in your account dashboard) . This usually comes in the format “rtmp://XYZ.COM/XYZ”. 2. The second field is the stream name or stream key. This is a randomly generated code or text string. It points your streaming app to the correct live streaming channel and authorizes access at the same time. This will be provided to you prior to each scheduled broadcast.

How To Create Your Channel

1. Log into your Account Go Here: My Account (link to 2. In your account dashboard click on “Channel Info” and fill out the form.

How To Schedule a Live Broadcast

1. Log into your Account Go Here: My Account (link to 2. In your account dashboard click on “Schedule a Live Broadcast” and fill out the form, initial-scale=1.0″>