Live Streaming is the NEW NORMAL


Live Streaming is the NEW NORMAL

Live Streaming is the NEW NORMAL

Yes, Live Streaming is the NEW NORMAL. We are at this point now. I don’t have to tell you. I’ve noted a lot of people are trying to contrary engineer these new conditions that Covid-19 has to position us in. The trick is they are trying to get back to the mode things were. Where in circumstance they should be starting from a blank tab to figure out a well way to do the stuff they do, in these times. For us, we’ve seen some openings in the live stream realm that we’re trying to improve. Here’s some information on our procedure if you’re inquisitive about legit live-streaming with Rowlbertos (LIVE) Media.


We aren’t just croft iPhones or iPods, we’re doing this legit AF. I’m talking TV show superiority. We have a chosen live stream rig that can take many HD cameras, other video essentials, legit audio AND it keeps all video files for future elimination. We can join to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Twitch right from the software for easy to uploads. It’s attractive much a computer that does all Live stream. Now that we’re warning physical contact, we can do it with me and Rowley staffing most of it BUT If you have superior audio needs we may need to bring an audio tech for well quality sound i.e. bands, voice over, anchor etc.


The excellence of your live stream is pretentious by your internet connection. While we did have some achievement recently Streaming from a hotspot (I was amazed actually) we mention utilizing a hardline; this limits number of hiccups and changing parts of your stream. Normal internet is even OK with an insistent.


We put organized a case study w/stats and video from employed with Taylor Guitars a NAMM so you can absorb more about our process with live stream. Their set up is attractive huge and we streamed 5-8 spells a day. This might be where more assessment is, knocking out a group of broadcasts in one long bud. We have the jaws and I know you have the time.


We had a client call this our “new normal” and it like social unfriendliness is here to stay, so may have to think about addition of live streaming to your media movement  Not sure where you are at circumnavigating this unfamiliar territory but please stay calm! This too shall pass. We’re actually happy about the imagination needed to solve these new difficulties ahead. We’re trying new stuffs, thinking outside the box and we’re here to help!

So let’s us know when you’re ready for your close-up!


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