The 2nd Phase Begins!

The 2nd Phase Begins!

We are entering the 2nd phase of our journey by publishing our independent App on the App stores. We appreciate all of you who saw interest in House Music Community while on the shared Mighty Network App private platform. The Mighty Network platform limited our members and us from expressing our true creativity and ability to showcase our journey in the house music community interactively. We now have the means and opportunity via our website and new App to learn more about each other, express ourselves, network, be creative, promote our current projects, and interact. All the features that make a community thrive and grow.

We invite you to join us as we make our contributions to the house music community and culture on your App! Note: Google Play Store App Download Link Below. Available in the Apple Stores in January 2022.

Veronica and I are looking forward to engaging with you.

App Key Features:

– Visit our website to join one or more communities in the genre of house music that fits your lifestyle

– Communicate with those that love dance, art, and house music worldwide

– Customize your profile on the App

– Become an “App MEMBER”

– Chat in private, with friends or community members

– Submit or find featured events happening within the house music community

– Post or find local house music events

– Post or find the 411 on what is going on in the house music community

– Get your videos, mixes, and events featured on the App

– Invite friends, family, and associates

– Visit our website to teach courses, learn and earn

– Visit our website to live stream

– Visit our merchandise store featuring house music clothing and accessories

– House Music Community Radio

Because house music is a lifestyle!

Next Steps:

  • Download the FREE App:
  • Android:
  • IOS: Coming in January 2022
  • Note: We will notify everyone when the App is in the Apple Store
  • App Login Info:
  • Use the same username and email you registered with on the Mighty Network App
  • Use Password: password123 (you must update the password in your profile)
  • Update and complete your App profile
  • Enjoy and share the App!
  • We will terminate the Mighty Network App before year-end

For any issues or questions, contact

Veronica Evans, Luis Sevilla

House Music Community

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