Virtual Fundrasing

We now offer virtual fundraising to the house music community. Live-streamed fundraising events offer you the opportunity to gather your supporters online in real-time to donate and spread the word about your fundraiser or cause. When people feel like they have an opportunity to be a part of your event truly, they are more likely to give. All while having a great time for a good cause or charity.


Live Fundraising Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Events:


1. Live galas and events — Showcase speakers, awards, and entertainment
2. Live A-Thons — DJ and performers marathons
3. Live contests, raffle/sweepstakes drawings — Show the drawing of winners in real-time
4. Live sales — Showcase products and services available for sale
5. Pre-recorded video- Simulated live content


Campaign Page Component Options:


– Live Streaming Video Player
– Chat Room
– Share The Event on Social Media
– Join Our Email List
– Analytics
– Campaign Title and Description
– Video
– Donation Supporter Wall
– Sponsors Showcase
– Sponsors Ads


Holding a virtual fundraiser can help you reach a broader audience and increase the number of people who donate. You will be able to engage donors who would not otherwise be able to attend an in-person event. You are not limited to one live stream per campaign, and your donors do not have to wait until the “live stream date” to give and spread the word about your fundraiser. 


When people truly have an opportunity to be a part of your event, they are more likely to give.


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