What and where was your 1st house music experience?

What and where was your 1st house music experience?

On our previous shared App, Veronica and I asked new members of the private House Music Community about their first house music experience.  We appreciated them sharing that very special memory with the community members and we wanted to make sure those memories remain intac

What and where was your 1st house music experience? How did you know you were hooked on it?

My first house music hook was Paradise Garage Core Member 1982-1987 it closing. Then Tracks DC, New York, SoundFactory.
Frankie Paradise
Paradise Garage
Carlos Sanchez - 3/19/2019
Dag, I worked at a club called Chase on W. 27th st, Nyc @ 17 yrs old .... it was a loft party with the original guys the set up the original sound for Mike Brody before Richard Long took over... Dj Rene Hewitt was the house jock then @ Chase.. Been to Read Street, in fact got thrown out with the gang when got raided by the fire department...lol (underground).... more info to come
James Saunders
Wasn't really called house at the time I'm from Brooklyn so I think we coined it Club Music and it was my first visit to the Ozone Layer
Selek Mizzkae
Paradise Garage
Kiyoshi Maeda
Club Cheetah in Paterson, NJ back in the Fall of 1988. I found the club by accident while walking back to my aunt's apartment on a Thursday night from the bus station. I went the following week and lost my mind like a crack head after the first hit!
Aron Prince
Paradise Garage
Rob White
At home listing to 98.7 kiss fm with Tony Humphries
Gary Saunders
Warehouse in Chicago listening to my legendary cousin Franlie Knuckles' Hooked for life.
Maurice Knuckles
House music experience began at the Palladium in 1982, and I became hooked when I was began going to other New York City house Clubs such as the Underground, the Octagon, South Oxford Club, and many more
Wayne Dixqn
The paradise garage
John Garrison
The paradise garage
Todd Beazer
Dawud Johnson
I was a freshman in college at Wilberforce University in Ohio, my home state. One of my dorm mates was a deejay and he was always spinning house music. I was overtaken by the rhythm. I loved it.
Aaron Osteen
Paradise Garage 1981
Beverly Likewater Johnson
My first house music experience was at the Paradise Garage during it's last days. Then I also experienced The Loft. It was a Euphonic meeting of like minded people who all spoke the same language of dance. The language that said we are all here to take a musical ride on this infectious rhythm driven by the DJ. He would take you up, down and back around!!!! There was an unspoken unity among us. There was a love the was felt as soon as you walked in the room. People smiled and acknowledged you. They didn't have to know you. Just by the fact that you were in the space....your spirit knew that this is were you belonged....you were always welcomed to your second home away from home!!! And your loving family was always here to receive you!!! Many today do not know the silent language we had when it came to respect. You could dance as wild as you wanted on the dance floor but you knew that you still had to respect the space of the dancers around you so you knew that you could not invade their space and you adjusted your movements accordingly. It was magic.......and whenever and wherever you can still find it.....it still is.
Zhana Roiya
@BeverlyLikewaterJohnson, We must of bumped into each other there..
Chuleta Culeca
I have been around longer than the term House Music.
Kenneth Carpenter
@KennethCarpenter, you see mr Carpenter...that's my answer too 🙂 sending LOve to you from NYC ~
Ali Coleman
Mark Perez
The 1st time I heard Junior Vasquez spin at the Sound Factory. I went back practically every Saturday night afterwards!!!
Rudy Ruiz
@RudyRuiz, Sound Factory....wheeeewww...92 till closing (27th Street); for me from around 6am to closing every week...Junior was DJ God transcended ....oh my good-ness...the fun we had up in that space!!! wheeeeeewww again!!!
Ali Coleman
I actually come from the R&B/Disco era so I was there as disco morphed into house
Chuck Moore
I can’t remember. I believe I was born this one... 🙂
Lisa LIndsay
brooklyn coney island boardwalk all life long with newarknewjersey always sonnybee
Sonny Dyb
The Ozone Layer in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave. Back in like 1983...I would go there with Althea Mcqueen, Calvin Mathis and Barbara Tucker..
James Germany
The year was 2005, knew I was hooked on.House Music.Instantly.
Andrea Fernandez
I was s teenager. I loved House Music since the 70’s
Sha Joy
I guess my 1st house music experience came before it was called it 'House' sometime in the late 1970's
Ali Coleman
Paradise Garage 1978
Adrian Breland
I was there at the start
Rawle James
My first experience with what is now called "House Music" was at the Paradise Garage back in 1978.
Carlos D. Ruiz
Studio 54 1988
David Storey
Well it was called dance music then.The NEXT STEP on Rodgers Ave Brooklyn dj was Ron Riis Beach Plummer Mc KC the prince of Soul
Soul Summit!! Fort Greene Park 2010. But I didn't know I was hooked until I experienced house music on Coney Island Boardwalk two years later. I saw the freedom being expressed on the boardwalk in broad daylight and I knew I was home.
Mace John
I was exposed to House music by my college friend DJ Jaz. It was at Baruch College.
Diciple Nyc
Tyrone Lowe

The paradise Garage .influence me  into a new version of music that has made me into the Dj and producer I am today and I also own my own video production company.
I think my first house music experiences were forming back in the 70's while listening to disco, hiphop, jazz, funk, salsa, yoruba santeria. My family listened to many genres of music and I was exposed to all of it...even classical when I played violin in middle school. My first house club experience was probably at the Funhouse but some may say that wasn't house music. Ultimately, my house experience that cemented it for me was a few months later when I went to the Paradise Garage for the first time at 18 y/o. From that point on, all other club experiences just emphasized how much I love house...the music, the joy, the peace, the love, the camaraderie.
Jose Quintana
I have been a dancer before dj Over 30 years on the dance floor and listening to music all my life..
Elizabeth Ruiz
Paradise Garage
Coko Xtravaganza
years ago at the PARADISE GARAGE
Ralph Counts
In the seventies, it was actually called dance music. I went to smaller clubs before I went to the Garage and the Loft that got me open. I was traveling to Manhattan from Queens in the wee hours all week long to get my dance on.
Tracey Irvin
Joey Silvero
I went to the Paradise Garage and left a day and a half later..
Mary-Ellen Betterton
@MaryEllenBetteron, Lol.
Del Harrison

Jamee Schleifer

I’m just now becoming a fan because of my experiences in the hip hop, breaking and dance community.

Youtube: Jamee Schleifer – Hip Hop High

@JameeSchleifer, That was tight.
John Doe
Del Harrison
Paradise Garage
Chuleta Culeca
My first house music is experience was the streets of the lower east side where they played house music in the streets, parks, etc I was hooked then
Iris Arroyo
Well I guess you can say the Paradise Garage
Bootcee Monroe
a party in Detroit.. and then down the the rabbit hole..
david schwartz
1986 at Baruch College
David Banks
Erica Ruben
Arielle Jamil
The first time I heard it was in the 90s as a little girl. Many years later in late 2013, I got into it again after joining a few groups that are devoted into dance music worldwide. House was the first one that became part of my life. The reason for it is that I was getting absolutely tired of hearing rap/hip hop in my neighborhood. I needed something to help me be free and be myself. I want something to help me live a positive, healthy and happy life. I want something to ease my pain and release me from being angry and mad all the time. Nothing moves me a whole lot more in the clubs and showing me unconditional love than house music and dance music as a whole. 4 · Reply
Cecelia Taylor-Hunt
Hi my first house music was in Paris. Good and lovely friend😘she posted a link on Facebook we love house so!! Let's go 🙏🏾
Emcaprod Gee
Baltimore. Living in DC, we used to be all about go-go and then I started partying in Bmore. It was on from then
Del Harrison
Back In 88 just listening to my uncles and all DJ
Ronald Starks
Coney Island Boardwalk Feeling the music free my spirit. . . .
Patrick Tynk
I always enjoyed dancing and listening to house. Some years ago a friend invited me to an house music party. The energy was electricfying because the music keep me on my feet all night.
Melessia Ellison
Back in '86 i came home on leave from Alaska n my cuz took me 2 a club on Hudson St in the basement of a warehouse called Bassline it was BANANAS!!!...other than the music what stands out in my memory is i was dancing with this beautiful Sista n my boy Ulysses says "Yo Big Redd...her Fade looks better than urs" n killer of it all it was!!!...ala Grace Jones!!!been hooked ever since..I AM A HOUSEHEAD🔊🎶🎶🎶🎶
Charles Redd Mayberry
My family consists of house heads, I grew up on the music and I love to dance so it was inevitable! One of my first venues was the Loft, I danced for about 4 or 5 hours straight! ...I'm Hooked!!! lol
Rochone Fisher
Flatbush, Brooklyn, Wbls ,KissFm, Wktu, Hot97 & college radio midday, afterwork, & weekend mixes.
Rudy Sabio
At the Garage back in 1985.....I didn't want the music to stop!
Hypnotic Melodic
Katrina Sargent
In late 80’s, listening Adeva “Warning” on the radio. Then started to dig deeper and discovered a whole new world, presented to me by Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford, Bobby Konders, Larry Levan, Blaze, Masters At Work... I was a teenager. It changed my life.
Anderson Soares
@AndersonSoares, Let's not for get about Merlin Bobb and Marshall Jefferson. Yes, the 80's was a feel!
Hypnotic Melodic
London 1990 at FFFR parties
Tom Glide
@TomGlide, I remember Choice FM, doing there thing back in the late 90's.
Hypnotic Melodic
Indeed !!!! 😉
Tom Glide
Zanzibar Newark nj
Leon Haywood
@LeonHaywood, I loved me some Zanzibar back in the day!
Hypnotic Melodic
@LuisSevilla,I appreciate it thank you bro
Leon Haywood
1982 or 1983 listening to tony humphries on 98.7 kiss and wbls master mixes that got me hooked to start dj that time i was 12
Jose Guzman
My uncle use to play it about back in “87” it’s just a vibe it’s hard to explain it but us house heads just know lol
Ronald Starks
@RonaldStarks, No explanation Bro. I truly understand!!!!!!
Hypnotic Melodic
Listening to Tony Humphries on the radio and walking into Sound Factory Bar and hearing Louie Vega play.
Esteban Fernandez
A place were you can go and be yourself and listen to great music.
James Moore
At club 1018, in 1987, with Roman Ricardo playing songs like House Music Anthem, Jack Your Body, Let's Get Brutal, Do It Properly & Adonis. I knew I was hooked when the crowd went crazy.
Jeff Nekonoff
saudi arabia
Ruh Tham
Garage in the 90's
Pamela Brown
My first real House music experience would be the first time I went to the Zanzibar when Tony Humphries was playing around 89-90. Hearing the music on the Custom built Richard Long Sound system and seeing the crowd reaction is what hooked me for life.
David Waiters
My first experiences were during high school listening to KYLD 94.9 in the late 90s when they were still crazy. I remember songs like Lady, Barbara Streisand and Better Off Alone. Of course I was the only one I knew that liked house :/ I've always loved it and have recommitted with the bangers ever since. I'm diggin tech house these days although I'm down with any sub-genre.
Argelio Girón

Barry WardI started at about the age of 15 playing music with a speaker hanging out of the window of my friends house. By the time I was 18 I was doing collage and club events witch took me to Club Zanzibar in Newark but even then I never really experience what I now know as club/house until I went to the Garage to hear the Legendary Larry Levan and on that day I was hooked.


By hearing Dee Lite's Groove is in the Heart on early 90s at some second hand clothes store
Martin Palm
Recording electronic music on cassette from FM Radio at 13
Watching my friends spin at clubs, and bugging off the vibes being put forth. Blew my mind.
lynell berkley
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